Create Your First Mastermind in One Weekend

Are you ready to go all in RIGHT NOW and create your first mastermind?

This program will walk you through eight steps to help you set up your first mastermind and jumpstart your new knowledge business.

You’ll learn…

  • Six questions to help you design an electrifying mastermind
  • The Best Way to Choose a Topic Your Tribe Cannot Resist
  • How to Position Your Pricing for an Easy YES
  • How to Screen Participants for a 100% Perfect Fit
  • The Secret to a Successful Mastermind 
  • Five Online Components Every Mastermind Group Needs
  • Marketing Tactics That Will Get You a Mile-long Waiting List
  • Why it’s Crucial to Collect Feedback and Revise    

Stop procrastinating…

Let go of the fear…

Start making your life choices count. Utilizing this program will be one of those choices that truly matter and can be the foundation on which your new life is built.

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