A Dark and Twisted Thriller

Fatal WordsAn incident of online bullying leads to a young girl’s suicide—and her sister’s vow to avenge her death.

A freak accident flipped eleven-year-old Zoe Winfield’s world upside down and left her without a father—but with a drug-addicted, abusive mother. Alone and afraid, she finds solace in a sugar glider named Boomer. When he unexpectedly falls ill, she seeks help from an online sugar glider group, who viciously attack her instead of help. Unable to cope, she commits suicide.

Now, her sister wants those responsible to pay with their lives.

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“Christine Copper will have you on the edge of your seat in the drama/thriller “Fatal Words”. I didn’t want to stop reading until I had finished the entire book, then I was sad because it was over. Christine really draws you in and draws you to the main characters. Flawless and highly recommended!” – Stephanie

“Interesting book. It touches a lot of emotions as you read through. I like that it helps bring awareness to how harsh words from strangers on the Internet can cause pain and even violence. You just never know who you are really dealing with on the Internet.” – j

“A must read for sugar glider enthusiasts…This book was the perfect balance of drama, suspense and suggies! Loved it! Looking forward to more from this awesome Wisconsin author.” – Cassandra

“My heart broke for Zoey the main character and all that she endured. The reality that this can happen in our society is horrifying but true. Fatal Words was a good read, a little shorter than what I am used to, but still a very good read!” – glider mom

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