Inhibited_12sept2018A child molested. A teenager forced into prostitution. An adult sold to a deranged sociopath. A shattered woman forced to take a life for a chance at her own.

Will she ever escape the prison in her own mind?

One man who defies everything she’s ever learned about men, and a German shepherd with unwavering loyalty, may be the keys to unlocking the door to her future, as well as the truth about her past.

But are one man, a dog, and the truth enough to heal her broken soul?

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“I won this book in a Free Giveaway. It took me awhile to pick up this book, now I regret taking that long…Wish I read it sooner…I read this book last night. I started at 10:30 pm and finished it completely at 3 am….Thats how incredible and good it was..I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. Great Author.” -Heather (Goodreads)

“Second book written by this new author.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a quick paced, can’t put down, thriller.Read this book in a couple hours couldn’t put it down .I only recommend books worth spending money on and this book was well worth it.5 stars!!!!” -Dawn (Goodreads

“Such an amazing book! Definitely makes you pull your kids closer and keep a good eye on them. Amazing author. Well written!” -Marie07177 (Amazon)

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