DIVULGENCE_ebook_19apr2018Fifteen-year-old Cole McCabe hides his secret well.

Six years of sexual abuse and now, a murder. Fear and shame have kept him quiet, but when Cole finds out one of his parents knew what was happening to him and did nothing to stop it, he devises a plan to humiliate and hurt them, just like he was for so long.

But will they confess their deepest, darkest sin to save the life of their only son, knowing it will destroy their own?

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  • “Dark subject, interesting read! This book broaches some very dark subjects. Not only child molestation, but incest. The writing was good and the writer was able to keep me interested until the end.” – chaoticangel38
  • “This was such an emotional journey for me as the reader…This was a sad, pull-you-in-and-hold-you-tightly-in-suspense, fast-paced story. I loved it.” – Melissa & Josh
  • “Great book. Fast suspenseful read…loved!” – Dawn
  • “dark and cruel…such a wonderful unusually cruel story I can’t imagine stories like it is and then I understand they actually are part of our daily news and it’s difference to listen to books that tells you a personal story a cruel story the book was mesmerizing…” – Rebecca A.
  • “Hard to listen to, yet I could not stop!” – tmsmith
  • “An emotional ride” – Melissa

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