Hidden Within

Hidden Within_ebook_12apr2018All she wanted was her mother’s love and acceptance. What she got was her worst nightmare.

The murder of Mara’s father and grandmother thrusts her into her mother’s life of secrets and lies—and crushing emotional abuse. Alone and starving for love, she has no one to turn to, except her pet sugar gliders.

Then, she meets Travis Raines. He’s everything her father warned her about, and everything she needs to protect her shattered soul. With him, she discovers her strength—and the vengeful, deadly secrets of the past.

Now, Mara’s done being the victim.

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“…I was on the emotional edge of my seat…and was really heartbroken for Mara during the whole tale…I felt like I was reading a cross between a modern day Cinderella and an episode of Criminal Minds.” –Amber Murr

“…will grab you from the very first chapter all the way till the end…will keep you on the edge of your seat to find out what is going to happen…I promise you will not want to put it down until the last page.” –Lori Tyree

“Plenty of unsuspected twists and turns…to keep you hooked and wondering what was going to happen next! Definitely an unexpected ending…had me guessing up until the last bit!” –Sarcastia

“What a book! Full of twists that keep you turning pages.” –Cassandra Scheu

“Couldn’t put this book down!! The story grabs you from the first page.” –Dawn Mequio

“…well thought out and easy to follow (even though there were so many twists in this book it about gave me whiplash)…I absolutely loved the story line…” –Stephanie Smith

“…great job of painting a character that you come to hate so much, and a character that your heart just breaks for. This story has some nice twists and turns and an unexpected ending.” –Jennifer Graves

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