DesperateOne year of marriage. One year of horrific abuse he claims she self-inflicts. One year of waiting for that one moment of opportunity—and courage—to escape.

Eris Raye has nothing left to lose after her father’s murder. Terrified, she disappears into the darkness and away from her sadistic husband. Alone and vulnerable, she finds an unlikely ally in a local cop who seems just as determined to expose her husband for what he is and what he’s done. But neither are prepared for the dark, disturbing secrets they uncover from the past—or her husband’s vengeful desire to silence her forever.

Now, he’s getting closer, and she’s running out of time.

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What people are saying about Desperate:

“The plot of the story is gripping, and tragic but also still hopeful…The book was unpredictable and each page was a new surprise…” –Sam Mielo

“I love a novel that keeps me guessing. This one had so many twists and turns and kept me guessing until after what I thought was the end.” –Peggy Holloway

“The characters, the detail, how raw and realistic it seemed.” –Kelly Herrick

“A twist that I didn’t expect. Very dark and keeps you on your toes.” –Chelsea Mitchell

“The subject matter is horrific, the suspense strong.” –Bernie

“This story drew me in from the very first chapter and I had a hard time putting it down…I did not expect the ending at all.” –Jennifer Graves

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