The Considerate Smoker

Are you tired of all the nagging and arguments to quit smoking cigarettes or quit vaping electronic cigarettes?

You know you’ll quit someday soon, but you just aren’t ready to yet, and you really don’t want to hear about it every two seconds. Until you’re ready to eliminate nicotine from your life, utilize this short-read book to help you become a much more considerate smoker and help eliminate all that nagging and arguing from others.


  • Learn how to avoid offending loved ones or nonsmokers
  • Show you respect nonsmokers’ rights to fresh, clean air
  • Learn about your smoker mindset and persona
  • Understand your role and responsibility
  • Get prepared to eventually quit smoking for good…when you are ready

This book is also for the families and friends of smokers who desperately wish their loved ones would be more considerate when smoking, and eventually stop smoking altogether. Tell your loved ones how you feel by giving them the gift of this book. It says everything a smoker needs to hear so you don’t have to keep reminding them they need to quit.

Now available exclusively at Amazon in ebook and paperback formats. Audiobook coming soon!

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